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Larry Komisar

Larry has a lifetime of experience in the custom design and build industry beginning as a youngster working in the family-owned architectural woodwork manufacturing business, founded by his father and uncle in New Haven, Connecticut.

Larry’s love of family, friends, and home life is reflected in the care and attention he has given to assembling a team of top-notch designers and craftsmen and women who are at the core of Litchfield Hills Kitchen and Bath. Each member of the team embraces Larry’s meticulous attention to detail, old-world pride of craftsmanship, and time-honored family values, and this is reflected in the exquisite designs for which Litchfield Hills Kitchen and Bath is known.

Peter Roth

Peter loves design: he is fascinated by color, texture, the visual weight and placement of objects in a space. This love, focus on details, and attentiveness to the nuances of a space are part of the talents Peter brings to projects. The result is stunning hand-rendered designs that perfectly capture your taste and style.

Peter’s designs are deeper than surface good looks, though. Through hand-drawing, his creativity comes alive and he connects with the project in a visceral way. This enables him to create spaces that are perfect for your family now and can adapt to your family’s needs in the future. 

Kate Yurgelun

Litchfield Hills Kitchen and Bath was happy to welcome Kate to our team in January 2021. After graduating from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design, Kate went on to gain 16 years of experience working as a designer in DC, Boston, and West Hartford before joining us in New Preston. A native to the Litchfield Hills area, Kate has a passion for creative yet timeless designs, and always has a kind and professional demeanor. Her ability to bring knowledge, innovative ideas, and enthusiasm to every project makes Kate a wonderful asset to LHK&B and the design community in general.   

Don Hodkoski

Don prefers hand-drawing designs because of its contemplative, intuitive, creative process. By hand rendering, he can more deeply understand and incorporate the nuances of a space; discovering and accommodating dips, bumps, and imperfections that make each home unique and distinctive.

Don’s keen observational skills combine with his love of hand drawing help him to holistically understand the space he is designing. Each line and curve, each measurement and placement of an object, is thought through with purpose, which produces gorgeous designs that precisely fit your family’s needs now and in the future—like a superbly tailored suit from Seville Row in London.

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